Siguiendo trayectorias, dibujando trayectos

Iturra, L., & Jirón, P. (2016). Siguiendo trayectorias, dibujando trayectos: Construcción de diagramas desde la experiencia de los habitantes. AUS, 19(19), 4–9.


From the beginning, drawing has been a practice that precedes verbal expressions. Thus, drawings retrieve and reveal a different form of writing, which communicates, through a representation in a surface, diverse processes, sensations and ideas. This article explains the process of drawing diagrams that represent the path of a woman through Santiago de Chile. It expresses the notion of spatial experience within the space of mobility, based on which a drawing method can be developed that evolves with its register and representation.
The discussion involves the idea of spatiality, conceptualized based on Massey’s insights. From this starting point, the idea of path is developed as the way through which mobility trajectories become connected with spatiality and the body of urban dwellers. The study case is the shading of a participant to Fondecyt Project No. 1090198 “Daily Urban Mobility and Social Exclusion in Santiago de Chile” (2009-2012) and the discussion revolves around the way in which the representation of these trajectories becomes a central focus of the research process.

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