Alto Hospicio, territorio en espera

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In 2014, an earthquake hits the northern part of Chile destroying the only one road between Alto Hospicio and Iquique. The inhabitants had to wait days before this line of life was rebuilt.
The waiting, once again, draws the spirit of this territory.
The city has been waiting longer than 30 years the arrival of a hospital or a cemetery.
Then, the paradox is as follows, in this waiting territory, nobody is born or is buried, everyone is in some way an stranger

Funded by: (1) Proyecto Fondecyt Regular 1161437 (2016-2019) “Habitar en la ciudad intermedia: prácticas espaciales en Alto Hospicio y Padre Las Casas.” (2) Proyecto: “Habitar Alto Hospicio, Padre Las Casa y Alerce: Repensar ciudades intermedias y políticas urbano habitacionales desde las prácticas cotidianas”. Programa ENLACE, VID – Universidad de Chile

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